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Creative heads behind the playground

We are young ,we are energetic and that is what keeps us growing. The team come from all walks of life, and  some are experienced seniors who has been in the digital world for more than 10 years. Some are as fresh as intern students who are willing to share and learn the upbringing of the digital world today. Our work attitude is simple, we deliver only the finest digital content the web has to offer but unbending when it comes to creativity in digital planning.

Our nature of business is servicing corporate clients or individual who require our expertise relating to digital media. At Vector Bros we recognise the enormous importance of a well planned digital campaign to suite each and every one of our clients. Our clients across the globe has made our designs acceptable worldwide thus an international standard is met.

Live to tell the tale : The company started off with 2 childhood friends and happen to be a vector artist back in 2006. Hence the name vector brothers. The co-founder of the company, Simon , Mat and San San (an abstract artist from Hong Kong) met from the very core business we communicate in today, digital.

Our journey of serving the corporate industry begins thereafter.

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